The SONGAR™ Armed Drone System is the FIRST NATIONAL automatic shooting stabilized armed drone. With high-quality design and outstandingly remarkable functions, it was developed to be used efficiently in all military and security-based day and night operations. It is equipped with a specially designed flexible ammunition feed chute (ammunition belt) and an automatic firing mechanism, can carry 200 pcs 5.56 x 45 mm NATO Class bullets.

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First National Armed Drone

5.56 x 45mm

Due to its large number of airdrop bullet shooting capability.


Each floor is 1.500m2 and there are 3 separate high floors in the production section of the facility. The facility is built on a total area of 4.500m2. Every floor seperated by organization of production type. With these type of organization SYSTEM DEFENCE has uniqe production planning that gives reachable maximum production capacity.

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The administrative building

of the facility was designed separately from the production building. Each floor is 500m2 and consists of 5 floors.

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